The pergola is up! What’s it for, you ask?

At last! a cool place to hang out and talk tools

This handsome structure is intended to give us the space to interact, exchange advice, give tool demonstrations, and generally hang out to talk about our projects: everything we wanted to be able to do when we built the shed, but had to sacrifice a porch because we chose to keep the size of the building below that needed for a costly building permit.

Tremendous thanks to the volunteers on the pergola crew: Rob Guinevan, Peter Hellenius, Kathleen Kane, Tom Keane, Mel Matthies, Saxe Mitchell, and all those passersby who offered advice, held a ladder, or took photos!

Also thanks to Kim Kasasian, the Beautifier of the Commons, for her hand-made signs. Kim also suggested we might need a tool sculpture on the back of the shed to give it some visual interest when viewed from the street – ideas, anyone?

Now to get the stain on, plants chosen, benches made, and workshops scheduled. Help — and advice — always welcome.