Our Mandate

From the Constitution of the Gabriola Tool Library Association, a registered nonprofit society under the BC Societies Act:

The purpose of the Gabriola Tool Library Association is to contribute to building a sustainable community on Gabriola Island and to the well-being of its citizens by:

  1. operating a tool-lending library for the people of Gabriola, providing broad access to tools as an alternative to more costly models of individual ownership, thereby benefiting both Gabriola residents and the environment;
  2. providing a model for the Gabriola community that encourages the sharing of resources, buying less, repairing and reusing more;
  3. facilitating opportunities for skills exchange, mentorship, and education in the use of tools and specific construction and repair tasks to empower individuals and build community resilience;
  4. encouraging exchanges among individuals and organizations whose purposes are similarly intended to contribute to the sustainability of the community.