The GTL is a non-profit society run entirely by volunteers to serve our community. We welcome donations in cash or in kind:

In Cash

Our initial funding has come entirely from community organizations and individuals like you, but it is difficult to raise funds for running costs. These include annual liability insurance, rent, inventory software subscription, promotion of events, tool purchases, and consumables (replacement parts, office supplies, etc.) To keep membership fees low, we need contributions from people who support the principles and practices of a sharing society.

There are two easy ways to contribute funds:

  1. directly to our account at Coastal Community Credit Union. Next time you are in the Gabriola branch, ask to deposit to the Gabriola Tool Library Account #100023466517;
  2. online via PayPal using the Donation button below; you will need to specify if you want the donation to go to Operating Fund to cover ongoing costs, or for the Sponsorship Fund to subsidize memberships.

         Thank you!

In Kind

Our current inventory of over 400 items consists entirely of donated tools. We are happy to accept donations of tools in good working condition. We have started a new Wish List, and are soliciting suggestions from the public for items they would like to be able to borrow. Check the current list here, and add your requests via the Contact Us form.

Please don’t drop off tools outside the tool shed where they are subject to weather and to people who may think these items are free for the taking. Always check with a volunteer and fill out a donor form. Contact us if you need to arrange for delivery or pick up.

Please note that we reserve the right to reassign or sell any donated items that prove unsuitable for our needs.

The Gabriola Tool Library depends entirely on volunteer participation: if you are willing to share your expertise, your time and energy, you will always find a welcome. To find out ways you can participate, click here.